The Secret Of Hugh Jackman’s Shocking Aging—EXPLAINED!!!!

He's only 47 people! Come on!

Hugh Jackman OLD! smallHugh Jackman is trending on Facebook, and not in a good way! An Instagram post he made yesterday shows him looking much older, tired and haggard!

Now that's what I'm talking about!

A photo posted by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on

What could have caused People’s 2008 Sexiest Man of the Year to look like he’s ready for the grave? Was it some kind of disease?

We can exclusively report that it was a disease, one that has plagued Hollywood for generations and claimed a number of actors and actresses over the years. Almost everyone who has worked in the film industry has been touched by this disease in one way or another. The disease called stage makeup.

It would be at this point that I would like to remind everyone Jackman is currently film the next Wolverine sequel, and that the film will be adapting the “Old Man Logan” storyline from the comics, a story that focused on a much older Wolverine in the future. See below.

Hugh Jackman Old Man Logan comic

What was most likely was that Jackman simply didn’t take his remarkably good stage makeup off while having lunch so he wouldn’t have to reapply it after. So, don’t worry. He’s probably still as hot and hunky as he was just several days ago.

And sorry about the clickbait title and description for this post. But if people are getting hits out of jumping to conclusions instead of looking to the most logical answer, well, why can’t we?

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