CLUE Reboot Back In Development

CLUE board game

Why won’t the Clue remake die? This is an easy mystery to solve. It’s because the original film has become sort of a cult favorite and any cult favorite gets remade and it is based on a game by Hasbro, and they are hell-bent on seeing every toy and game they manufacture make its way to the big screen. That’s why the remake has sparked back to life once again.

The Tracking Board states the film has found a new home at 20th Century Fox.  Previously, the reboot of the 1985 film was housed at Universal with director Gore Verbinski attached, but was dropped by them back in 2011. No word as of yet if Verbinski is back as well.

Hasbro’s Josh Feldman and Fox’s Daria Cercek have signed on to produce, with Ryan Jones is serving as executive producer.

The latest version of film will supposedly be a worldwide mystery which takes the cast to foreign countries, all the more to increase grosses from those countries, I’d imagine. This, of course, defeats the purpose of calling it an adaptation of the board game, which was set in one house (or at least it was the last time I played it). The film will also bring in action adventure elements with the hopes of creating a franchise, just to be sure kill all resemblance to the source material dead.

A fun fact: This will be the fourth film Tim Curry starred in that is being or has been remade: 2014’s Annie, Rocky Horror Picture Show (with is become a televised musical), and It (a TV miniseries being remade as a film). I eagerly await announcements of remakes for Legend, The Hunt for Red October, and Home Alone 2: Lost In New York.

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