Singer And Kinberg Confirm Mr. Sinister Will Be In Next WOLVERINE Film

wolverine-mister-sinisterIf you saw the button scene attached to the end of X-Men: Apocalypse, the one where a shadowy representative of the Essex Corporation steals a vial of Wolverine’s blood,  and thought we might be seeing the big screen debut of legendary X-Men villain Mister Sinister, well, you were right.

Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg confirmed as much in their commentary for the scene on the home release on that film. Furthermore, they confirmed that the bad guy will be appearing in the next, as-yet-untitled Wolverine film. The pair also stated the tease was originally going to be for Deadpool 2, but was scrapped at the last minute.

wolverine-richard-e-grantMister Sinister’s name is Nathan Essex, a biologist with an extraordinarily long life span who is devoted to separating the weak from the strong in the mutant world in order to build a mutant master race.

CinemaBlend and others have begun to speculate that Mister Sinister will be played by Withnail and I‘s Richard E. Grant. The British actor has been cast in a role is the new Wolverine film as a “mad scientist.” That role is purposely vague enough and fits Mr. Sinister well enough that people put one and one together to make two. If this is the case, that Grant is playing Mister Sinister, then I have immediately become very interested in the film. Grant seems to be the perfect fit for the character and would bring a lot to the role.

The next Wolverine film is set to arrive in theaters on March 3, 2017.

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