HARBINGER Fast Tracked By Sony

harbingerSorry Bloodshot, but Harbinger is cutting in line in front of you.

The Wrap is reporting that Sony is shuffling the order of its Valiant Cinematic Universe films. Bloodshot, a film about a nanite-powered mercenary that has been  in development since 2012, will be put on the backburner and Harbinger, a film about super powered teens, will be fast tracked to take its place.

The move makes sense for Sony, who intends to build a shared cinematic universe out of the characters. Bloodshot is an adversary of the Harbingers in the comics, and will be introduced as such in the Harbinger film. He will then spin off into his own film, which will now be the second film in the series. Sony also appears to have plans to spin members of the Harbinger team into solo films (The Wrap mentions Faith and Livewire) which makes getting them out in front of filmgoers a priority.

What this does to the rest of Sony’s former plans for Valiant–five films including sequels to Harbinger and Bloodshot culminating in a Harbinger Wars crossover–is not yet known. Hopefully, they’ll examine other Valiant properties for potential films.

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