Tim Miller Out As Director Of DEADPOOL 2

deadpool-2-director-tim-millerDeadpool was a record-setting success that almost didn’t get made. While if it wasn’t for Ryan Reynolds dogged persistence, it would remain on the development back burner, we can’t ignore that director Tim Miller also played a part in getting the film a green light, having leaked a test reel that riled fans up into a frenzy. Not only did both men help the film get made, but also they played a big role in the film’s quality, with Miller’s direction giving Reynolds’ characterization a showcase in which to shine. Unfortunately, the working relationship between the two has soured in developing the sequel, and one of the two will be leaving Deadpool 2. And it won’t be Ryan Reynolds.

Deadline is reporting that Miller is stepping away from the sequel due to creative differences with Reynolds. He had not signed the contract, but was working on the script as intended to direct.

No word as to what the issue was, but the report say that the split was mutual and amicable. Don’t feel so sorry for Miller either. He’s going to bounce back, already moving on to helming Fox’s adaptation of the David Suarez novel Influx, a project the studio is looking at as a tent pole for a potential trilogy.

While Reynolds was pitch perfect as Deadpool, it was Miller who provided the right mood and tone to make the character’s fourth-wall breaking seem natural while still having the film hold up as an action movie. Whoever they pick to replace him has their work cut out for them.

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