First BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Trailer Brings All The Feels.

beauty-and-the-beastI have an admission to make. I love Beauty and the Beast. It is my favorite animated film of all time and it’s one of my  top ten favorite films in film history. And because I love the original so much, I expected to instantaneously hate the live-action remake with all my heart. But, strangely, I have been excited for it, from the first casting announcements to the teaser trailer. And the first, full-length trailer for the film justifies my excitement for the film.

As you’ll see below, the live-action version seems follow the same path as the animated version, albeit with more time devoted to the romance between Belle and the Beast so as to not make it so Stockholm Syndrome-y. Best of all, we get to see (and hear) more of the all-star cast in action.

Beauty and the Beast opens on March 17.2017.

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