FOX Announces Future MARVEL Film Dates

fox-x-castFor all of you who were excited when talk of Fox and Marvel switching characters happened a couple weeks ago, thinking the X-films or Fantastic Four would soon be part of Marvel’s movie slate, sorry to have to disappoint you, but they’re not. Because Fox just announced dates for a couple Marvel films.

Variety states that Fox has reserved November 2, 2018 and February 14, 2019 as release dates for two future Marvel films. No word yet and what they will be. The studio also pulled an unnamed Marvel film date for the schedule on October 6, 2017, leaving Fox/Marvel films on March 8, 2018 and June 29, 2018 on the schedule.

It’s hard to say what films will be in the two new spots when there already two spots out there for unspecified Marvel films. IMDb has Deadpool 2 going in the March 8, 2018 spot, which makes since pre-production has begun on that film. That leads me to believe the February 2019 spot will go to Deadpool 3, which is being developed now.

As for what will go into the two remains spots, my guess would be Channing Tatum’s Gambit film would be the June 2018, assuming the project is back on track and they find a director soon. The other would go to New Mutants, another X-project that active development has started on. Outside of those two projects, Fox has no other Marvel project in the pipeline except for X-Force. which likely won’t come until after the team is introduced in Deadpool 3.

Fox also shuffled the release dates for two of its projects for next year. We will be seeing Alien: Covenant a bit sooner, as its release date has been moved from August 4th to May 19th. And we are going to have to wait a bit longer for the sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle. as it is pushed back from June 16th to October 6th.

The studio also announced that it has reserved December 21, 2018 for a Lightstorm Entertainment film. Lightstorm is the James Cameron’s company and that is the week the first Avatar film was release back in 2009. Could this be the day when we’ll see the long awaited Avatar 2? There’s a strong possibility that it is.

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