Ivan Reitman States More GHOSTBUSTERS Movies On The Way

Ghostbusters-logoWhile this past summer’s Ghostbusters reboot from director Paul Feig did moderately well at the world wide box office, it was not the runaway success that perhaps Sony was hoping for. As of yet, the studio has yet to officially announce any plans for a followup, but that doesn’t mean that they still aren’t thinking about continuing to exploit the comedy franchise.

Speaking on a recent episode of the Mr. Wavvy podcast (via Comicbook.com) Ivan Reitman, the original Ghostbuster‘s director, insinuated that the studio is still interested in making more Ghostbusters films, but stopped short of saying if that any of these new films will be a sequel to the past summer’s reboot or not.

There’s going to be many other Ghostbusters movies, they’re just in development right now.

Some reporting on Feig’s Ghostbusters put the film as generating up to a $70 million loss for the studio. This is a number that Sony has refuted, stating that even before factoring the various revenue streams that the film is still generating money for them through that number is not close to how it did financially. Of course, studios are loath to reveal if a film has under-performed, so the only way we may be able to infer how the studio did financially with the film would be to see what their next step with the franchise will be.

We do know that Sony has been developing an animated Ghostbusters film. There has also been reports that the studio has been developing a male-lead film, possibly as a vehicle for Channing Tatum. It isn’t known if this film will be a separate entity or part of an overall cinematic universe which Sony is also reportedly interested in building.

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