AQUAMAN Casts Its Villainous Ocean Master

Superman has Lex Luthor and Brainiac. Batman has Joker and the Penguin. Spider-Man has Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus. Good characters have two arch-nemeses. Aquaman has two, Black Manta and Ocean Master. And the latter has just been cast for his upcoming film, and the actor playing him is a favorite of Aquaman director James Wan.

Deadline states that Patrick Wilson has been cast to play Orm, half-brother to Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry/ Aquaman. His origin has changed a number of times over the years, but he is either shares the same Atlantean mother or father with Arthur. He has learned the skill of magic and is determined to rule the oceans as king of Atlantis, a title Aquaman holds.

Wilson has partnered with Wan four times in the past for the two Insidious films and the two The Conjuring films. In addition, Wilson has comic book film experience as well, having played Dan Dreiberg/Nite Owl in Watchmen. That film, of course, was directed by Zack Snyder, who is producing Aquaman. So, it’s probably safe to say that Wilson didn’t have to audition.

I really like Wilson as an actor and think it would be wild for him to play off of Momoa.

Aquaman opens October 5, 2008.

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