Margot Robbie’s SUICIDE SQUAD Spin-Off Is Official And Is Called GOTHAM CITY SIRENS

We knew that Margot Robbie was planning a Suicide Squad spin-off for her Harley Quinn character, but we didn’t know how far along the project was or if it was officially approved. Turns out it was pretty far along and Warner Brothers finally officially confirmed it. Robbie will be returning as Harley in Gotham City Sirens, and she will be directed by Suicide Squad’s David Ayer. Ayer will move on to the film after he wraps up Neflix’s Bright.

The film shares a name with a short-lived DC Comics comic book that paired Harley Quinn with fellow Batman villainesses Poison Ivy and Catwoman to fight bad guys even more evil than they are. No word yet if this will be the exact concept of the film.

While Bumblebee screenwriter Christina Hodson was reportedly attached to write the script, that honor will instead go to Geneva Robertson-Dworet, writer of the upcoming Tomb Raider remake.

The Hollywood Reporter article also states that Warners is looking into a spin-off for Will Smith’s Deadshot, as well as the inevitable Suicide Squad sequel. Neither of those projects are as far along as Gotham City Sirens nor are they on the fast track like GCS is either. No release date was mentioned.

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