Joe Carnahan Picked To Write X-FORCE

Joe Carnahan burst on the scene with Smokin’ Aces, an all-star action film, that just happened to star Ryan Reynolds. Now, eleven years later, perhaps it is that pairing that got Carnahan a job writing X-Force.

Collider is reporting that the writer/director is writing a new script for the film. Writer/director Jeff Wadlow was once attached to the project and wrote one version of the script, but that was before Reynold’s Deadpool broke box office records and changed the landscape of Marvel films at Fox. No word if Wadlow is still attached to direct, if Carnahan will replace him, or if another director is involved.

This isn’t the first time Carnahan has been attached to a Marvel film at Fox. Back in 2012, he was flirting with doing a Daredevil film for the studio, but was turned away. However, he was so interested in doing the film that he created a sizzle reel to show what his take would be.

His prior history with Fox might be one reason why Carnahan got the job, but his relationship with Reynolds might be another. With Deadpool‘s success, Reynolds has gotten more say in how his corner of the mutant film universe will turn out. Since the X-Force team will be introduced over the next two Deadpool films, he might have encouraged Fox to hire his old director.

No word on when X-Force will arrive, but Carnahan’s schedule might give us a hint. He is writing/directing a remake of The Raid, writing and directing Bad Boys for Life, writing the Death Wish remake, and writing the adaptation of the Uncharted video game series. Taking that into consideration, it might be a while before we see X-Force on the big screen.

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