David Harbour Latest In Line For Cable In DEADPOOL 2

With his role in Stranger Things, David Harbour has become a darling of the comic book convention circuit. However, if the latest Deadpool 2 rumor pans out, he might have a permanent place there.

The Wrap is reporting that Harbour is the latest actor to be considered for the part of Cable, the time-travelling mutant who is set to appear in the sequel. Sources say he has already done a screen test for the role, although neither Harbour nor the studio could be reached to verify this information.

Harbour joins other actors such as Mel Gibson, Stephen Lang, Kyle Chandler, Pierce Brosnan and, apparently, Michael Shannon in the list of potential Cables. Fox would want to find the right actor to play the character, as Cable would most likely be one of the characters in the studio’s X-Force film. The character is quite popular in the comic books and if that translates over to film, it could mean a stand-alone spin-off film as well.

While Harbour might seem like an overnight success, he has spend years working on Broadway and in Hollywood. He appeared in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf on the Great White Way with Kathleen Turner and earned a Tony nomination in the process. In film, he has played increasingly bigger roles in movies such as War of the Worlds, Brokeback Mountain, Quantum of Solace, Revolutionary Road and End of Watch. He’s no stranger to superheroes either, having played D.A. Frank Scanlon in The Green Hornet and government official Dexter Tolliver in last year’s Suicide Squad.

Full disclosure – My wife’s family is friendly with his family. His parents were at our wedding but he wasn’t able to come. That being said, we have never met in person, but I have a rooting interest in his success. And I think he’d be great in this role.

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