DEADPOOL 2 Gets A Release Date

Typically, Hollywood studios do not issue press releases on the weekend. They do it during the week, when every one is around and paying attention. However, Deadpool 2 likes to do things differently.

The Wrap reports that Fox has announced today that they have set June 1, 2018 for the sequel’s release. That is a sign of faith from Fox, who scheduled the original in the February and not the heart of the Summer movie season.

As it stands right now, film has the week to itself, but it is shoehorned in between the as yet untitled Han Solo project and Transformers 6. And it joins an already crowded year for comic book films, joining the already planned Black Panther, New Mutants, Avengers: Infinity War, The Incredibles 2, And-Man and the Waspan as yet untitled DC Comics film, Venom, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, The Animated Spider-Man film, and Aquaman. That’s a crowded year, but I’d bet one or two of those projects will fall by the wayside before 2017 ends.


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