Monica Lewinsky, Linda Tripp Screenplay Lands At Amazon

Linda And Monica, Flint Wainess’s Black List script about the relationship between Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky, has been picked up Amazon Studios.

The screenplay tells the real life story of how the relationship between Lewinsky and Tripp fell apart in the wake of Clinton scandal. Although good friends while they worked at the Pentagon together, Tripp betrayed that friendship when she secretly taped phone conversations where Lewinsky confessed to having a sexual affair with then presideny Bill Clinton. Tripp later released the tapes to Ken Starr, an independent counsel who was investigating the President for entirely unrelated matters. Ultimately, it would be allegations that Clinton perjured himself about the relationship and not any of the numerous random other things that Starr looked into that would lead to an impeachment trial. He was acquitted of all charges after a 21-day Senate trial.

Last year, the screenplay placed 10th on the annual Black List, a ranking of unproduced screenplays circulating in Hollywood at the time. Two other screenplays form last year’s top ten are already moving towards production – Steven Spielberg is busy casting The Papers (which appeared on the Black List as The Post) while Universal picked up the Madonna biopic Blond Ambition back in April.

Despite the buzz around the screenplay, Amazon is taking a bit of a risk. Previous Black List scripts that dabbled in politics have not fared well in the journey to the big screen. Rodham, which looked at the early career of Hilary Rodham Clinton, and College Republicans, which told the story of the early days of future GOP operatives Lee Awater and Karl Atwater failed to get greenlit even with talent attached.

Via The Wrap.

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