Has GREEN LANTERN CORPS Found Its Director?

We already know that Warner Brothers is serious about getting a Green Lantern Corps film off the ground. Earlier this year, we found out that they were going for a Lethal Weapon vibe for the film and were compiling a wish list of actors to play Hal Jordan. Now, it appears that they have picked a director.

ThatHashtagShow.com says they can confirm that Rise of the Planet of the Apes director Rupert Wyatt has signed on to direct Green Lantern Corps. The website also claims to have the official character descriptions for Hal Jordan and John Stewart:

Hal Jordan: Caucasian, 39 – 50. A former military test pilot, he is now a veteran of the Green Lantern Corps.

John Stewart: African- American male, 21 – 30. Prior to joining the Green Lantern Corp, he was a sniper in the military.

Technically, that would make the film more like 48 Hrs. that Lethal Weapon, but I digress.

The descriptions match the age range of actors they supposedly were looking at for Hal in that link above. And it opens the possibility of continuing with the continuity of 2011’s Green Lantern film. If they would be crazy enough to do that.

Wyatt has been in demand since Rise. He does have experience from that film at directing sci-fi epics featuring mostly CGI characters. On the other hand, he was also attached to the Gambit film, but left for the reason The Hollywood Reporter described at the time:

What seems to have happened on Gambit and other films is that when Wyatt has been unable to convince the studios to sign on to his vision, his anxiety mounts and he leaves.

So, don’t count Wyatt in as a director just yet. Wyatt’s next project will be Captive State, a tale of Chicagoans living under extraterrestrial domination. That film set to arrive in theaters next year.

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