SUICIDE SQUAD 2 Might Have Found A Director

We have a front-runner for the director job on Suicide Squad 2, and for better or worse it is not Mel Gibson.

Deadline is exclusively reporting that Warner Brothers has their eyes set on Spanish director Jaume Collet-Serra for the position.

Collet-Serra might not be a household name, but odds are you’d be familiar with his work. His career spans 12 years and features films such as the House of Wax remake, Orphan and The Shallows.

He directs action as well as horror, with films such as Non-StopUnknownRun All Night and the forthcoming The Commuter on his resume.

Those four films also have something else in common. They all star Liam Neeson. Is it to early to start the “Liam Neeson in Suicide Squad 2” rumors?

According to the article, Gibson was under consideration. But, apparently, the studio is going with the competent, albeit cheaper and with less baggage, option.

More on this as it develops.

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