Joel McHale In Talks To Join QUANTUM & WOODY

Joel McHale looks like he will be reuniting with his Community directors Joe and Anthony Russo for the superhero film, Quantum & Woody.

The Wrap has the exclusive that McHale is in talks to join the Valiant-based property, which the Russo Brothers will be producing and directing.

Quantum & Woody are a pair of estranged adopted brothers who are reunited when their father dies. In the process of investigating their father’s death, the pair accidentally get superpowers when a metal bracelet that attaches itself to each of their wrists. The powers come with a catch, the brothers must touch their bands together once every 24-hours or else they will die, meaning that the siblings who can’t stand each other are forced to stay in close proximity in order to stay alive. The pair makes the best of a bad situation and decide to fight crime—with the help of a goat name Vincent Van Goat.

As you might have guessed, the concept is a bit lighter than the normal comic book fare, which plays well into both the Russos’ and McHale’s wheelhouses. McHale would play Woody Van Chelton, a slacker and a thief who is the adopted brother of Eric “Quantum” Henderson. No word as of yet who is in the running for that film, but The Wrap states there are some pretty big names being considered.

McHale is no stranger to comic book films. He played a small role as a bank manager in Spider-Man 2, and was rumored to be in consideration for the role of Hal Jordan in the forthcoming Green Lantern Corps film.

Quantum & Woody is the latest in a long line of Valiant comic books being adapted to the big screen. It joins BloodshotHarbinger, and, potentially, Eternal Warrior into development.

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