PFF ’17: Bruce Willis Awarded 2nd Annual Lumiere Award

Film Festivals aren’t always about celebrating films, they can also be about celebrating the filmmakers. Last night at the Philadelphia Film Festival, actor Bruce Willis was given the Philadelphia Film Festival’s 2nd Annual Lumiere Award for his work in showcasing the city of Philadelphia in film. He was presented with the award by director M. Night Shyamalan, who was in the inaugural recipient last year.

“I like making movies here,” Willis stated during his short remarks. “I’m really proud of those films.”

Though not a Philadelphia native – he did spend a portion of his childhood in nearby Salem county, New Jersey – Willis has a cinematic relationship with the City of Brotherly Love. He notably teamed with Shyamalan for two of the director’s early films, The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. Willis also starred in Terry Gilliam’s Philly-set science-fiction action film Twelve Monkeys. Currently he is working with Shyamalan on Glass, a sequel to Unbreakabale and Shyamalan’s recent thriller Split due out in early 2019.

The Lumiere Award is named after pioneering filmmakers Auguste and Louis Lumiere.

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