DMG Entertainment Buys Valiant Entertainment

Dan Mintz liked working with Valiant Entertainment so much that he bought the company.

Mintz’s DMG Entertainment, which has been developing film and television concepts based on Valiant characters since 2015, has bought the comic book company outright.

The Los Angeles and Beijing based company has been slowly rising in the ranks of Hollywood players over the last few years, having a hand in producing films such as Iron Man 3, Looper and the Point Break remake. The company has also tried to buy into Hollywood studios such as Paramount and Sony over the last couple years.

Articles about the deal such as the one on Deadline point out that Valiant is the “third largest universe of superhero characters in entertainment,” but, really, that’s only by default. Image Comics, IDW Publishing, Dark Horse Comics, BOOM! Studios and Dynamite Entertainment all have a bigger market share than Valiant and publish a number of titles in the superhero genre, but either A) the heroes are not part of one cohesive universe or B) owned not by the publisher but by the creator or licensed from the original IP holders. So, technically, Valiant is the third largest superhero universe, it’s not all that high in market share or renown. 

There are a number of Valiant film adaptations in the works. There’s Harbinger and Bloodshot at Sony, a Shadowman film to be directed by Reginald Hudlin, and a number of other films in various stages of development.

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