New SHAZAM Set Photos Give Us A Better Look At The Costume

Shazam is in production and pictures have started to leak from the set. The latest round gives us a better look at the costume, which might be the most faithful adaptation yet.

The movie costume seems to marry the most recent, New 52 version of his costume that first appeared in 2011 with its hooded cape and high lightning bolt, with the lighter red color and larger bracers of the of Captain Marvel’s original costume.

It also appears to be padded to give Zachary Levi a little more muscles than he has in real life. That makes it even more of a throwback to comic book movie costumes of old.

Of course, there could be elements added to the costume in post-production so the final product might look different on the screen.

Other photos give us a look at Captain Marvel’s nemesis, Doctor Sivana. These images tell us they are definitely using the New 52 version of the character in the film.

PICS: Shazam and Doctor Sivana from DC_Cinematic

PHOTO: FOLKS HIS EYE!!!! from DC_Cinematic

There will some people who are not pleased with the way the costume looks like, but I think it works, especially if the film has the lighter tone of the comics.

Shazam is scheduled to hit theaters on April 5, 2019.

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