Warner Brothers really wants a Batgirl movie and they’re not going to let a little thing like Joss Whedon walking away from the project stop them from getting one.

The Hollywood Reporter states that Warners has hired Bumblebee writer Christina Hodson to work on a new script for the character.

Whedon famously stepped down from the job of writing and directing back in February when he could break the story for the character.

Some of you out their might ask how can a writer whose only screen credits are a clichéd psychological thriller (2016’s Shut In, 8% Fresh at Rotten Tomatoes)  and a forgettable erotic thriller (2017’s Unforgettable, 25% Fresh at Rotten Tomatoes) can succeed where a legendary screenwriter has failed. Well, her script for Bumblebee has received a lot of buzz around Hollywood (no pun intended). On top of that, Warners was impressed with her work developing a Birds of Prey movie. So the studio heads know what they are getting.

No word on a new director or a timetable of when production will begin or the film will be released.

I’d like to give Hodson the benefit of the doubt. But she has a tough job ahead of her and incredibly big shoes to fill. Best of luck to her.

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