It’s (Still) Alive! Maybe! DARK UNIVERSE Show Signs Of Life

Dark UniverseAfter the abysmal failure that was The Mummy, which followed the somewhat disappointing Dracula Untold, you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking Universal would be done with its Dark Universe shared continuity. Especially considering that the next film in line, The Bride of Frankenstein, has been put on hold indefinitely and with Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan walking away from their architect roles in the franchise. But for those few who were looking forward to the monster team up franchise, there is a faint glimmer of hope. Maybe.

/film, quoting a Bloody Disgusting article, which references a post on Universal Monsters Unlimited, shares an Instagram post from Los Angeles muralist Robert Vargas pertaining to a meeting he had on the Universal lot:

In case for what ever reason that post doesn’t load, here’s what Vargas said:

Great meeting this morning with the amazing #DarkUniverse team. Thank you #Universal Exec, Holly Goline and Crash for the hospitality. Looking forward to contributing to the Universal Pictures legacy with my work. Monster things in the works ;) Stay tuned!

#Amazing people #RobertVargas #RobertVargasArt #CantStopWontStop #LA #Artist #LAmurals

“Crash” is Crash McCreery, a concept artist that worked on 2017’s The Mummy. Holly Goline is the former assistant to Angelina Jolie who has gone on to produce a number of her films, including Unbroken and By the Sea. Jolie has been mentioned as playing the bride in The Bride of Frankenstein. 

Now, Vargas, who is a brilliant muralist whose art has appeared on the side of buildings all around Los Angeles, might just be in talks to create a mural on a Universal building. But his meeting with two people as closely associated to that Dark Universe franchise combined with Vargas actually including the Dark Universe hashtag and saying that he looks forward to contributing to “the Universal Pictures legacy” could lead one to think that he’s going to be working on the concept designs for The Bride of Frankenstein.

Of course, we’d feel more positive about this news if it was, say, a really talented writer meeting with these people. No offense to Mr. Vargas, but the look of the franchise is the least of its problems.

More on this if anything develops.

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