New VENOM Trailer Brings the “Meh”

So, when the first Venom teaser trailer hit, I was underwhelmed. It gave us no idea of the plot, of what type of movie it would be (Is it action? Is it Horror?) and kept Venom hidden until the last frames. Then the first full trailer was released and the film looked like it had potential. It was more cohesive, gave us the gist of the plot and showed more Venom. I became cautiously optimistic. Today, a second trailer was release, causing me to throw that caution to the wind, along with my optimism.

We get an even bigger look at the story and a bigger look at Venom. Yes, there is a whole lot of full-on Venom in this trailer, and he even speaks. And when Venom speaks, people listen, because Venom speaks about eating their body parts.  This adds inadvertent humor to scenes where presumably they wanted scares or the wrong kind of humor when they wanted laughs.

On top of that, we get Tom Hardy doing an accent that sounds like  Marty McFly playing Shaggy in a Hill Valley High production of Scooby Doo: Where Are You and a fellow symbiote for Venom to fight in the end that has a similar enough coloring that its hard to tell where Venom begins and the bad guy ends. This could be bad, folks.

But that is only my opinion. Take a look at the trailer and judge for yourself:

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