Michael B. Jordan Most Likely Being Considered If Henry Cavill Most Likely Done As Superman

Cavillgate continues as an actor’s name is attached as a potential replacement for Henry Cavill as Superman.

Deadline, in its reporting of the rumor, says offhandedly that Warner Brothers was bouncing around the name of Creed actor Michael B. Jordan as a potential Superman at some point “down the road.”

No other information is given, but it has caused some fans who are definitely not at all racist complaining that they do not want a black actor playing the traditionally white Superman. This should be nothing new for Jordan, as much of the same rhetoric was thrown his way when he was cast as the blonde haired blue-eyed Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four.

It’s a little hard to get any kind of emotions up, because the casting is presented as less a concrete plan and more as a “What If?”  But I think the idea of an alien of unimaginable power landing on an Earth where he is hated by some just because of the color of his skin would be an intriguing take on the Superman story. But, since this is Warners, we’d likely not get anything that nuanced if the casting does go through.

More on this as it develops.

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Michael C Lorah
September 14, 2018 8:37 am

I can’t decide if I should like this post (yay for Michael B.) or laugh at it (what a headline!).