Scarlett Johansson Rumored To Receive $15 Million To Star In BLACK WIDOW

It’s not often that a female employee that has been working for the same company for over eight years to get a raise to match some of her male counterparts, but not many women are Scarlett Johansson.

Sources are telling The Hollywood Reporter that Johansson will be paid $15 million to star in the upcoming Black Widow film. That salary puts her on par with what Chrises Hemsworth and Evans made on Thor: Ragnarok and Captain America: Civil War respectively.

The article seems to be surprised by the figure, stating that Marvel Studios doesn’t like to spend all that much on the first outing of a stand-alone hero. They mention Chadwick Boseman only got $2 million for Black Panther and Brie Larson only received $5 million for Captain Marvel.

But they forget to mention two things. One, Johansson is an international draw at the box office who can open action films big. Even Ghost In The Shell opened at a not entirely awful $18.6 Million before doing a suicide plunge at the box office. Two, Johansson and Black Widow have been a pivotal part of some of Marvel Studios highest grossing films. Her moving onto a stand-alone for Phase 4 (or whatever it will be called) provides a certain amount of continuity in an uncertain post-Avengers future.

Marvel Studios has gone on the record saying that while it doesn’t talk about salaries, it disputes the accuracy of the amounts quoted in the article. So, take that as you will.

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