WONDER WOMAN 1984 Moving To Summer 2020

The bright and shining light in an otherwise dismal DC Extended Universe was Wonder Woman, and its sequel was on of the most eagerly awaited films on the Warner Brothers schedule. However, it looks like the studio is going to keep their fans waiting a little bit longer.

Yes, the film will move from its November 1, 2019 home to June 5, 2020. This puts the film in the summer movie season, which we all know begins on Memorial Day, despite what the calendar says.

It is not know what Gadot meant by “changing landscape,” but /film logically assumes that it means the arrival of Todd Phillips’ Joker film, which is set to arrive in theaters on October 4, 2019. This would give Joker more time in theaters before another DC Comics film hits theaters, and puts Wonder Woman 1984 into the more lucrative summer season.

Wonder Woman 1984 slides into the spot on that day reserved for an unnamed DCEU film. It would have been in direct competition with another Warners film, The Six-Million Dollar Man adaptation, The Six-Billion Dollar Man, but that film was pulled from the schedule. Wonder Woman now has that day all to herself.

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