Outlander: New Season, New World, New Perils

Droughtlander is officially over!

Tonight premieres the new season of the Starz hit show, Outlander, with Jamie and Claire Fraser finding themselves in America following a shipwreck at the end of the last season.

For the uninitiated, Outlander, tells the story of Claire Beauchamp, a nurse from World War II, who while on a trip in Scotland, touches a set of standing stones and wakes up to find herself thrust into the 1700s. The fallen-through-time Claire must find a way to survive, and return home. This plan did not account for her falling in love with the young highlander Jamie Fraser. However, fate it is a cruel mistress. And it has taken our couple to France, through war, separated by time. Now, journeying across the ocean, the Frasers finds themselves in America, a mere eight years before the American Revolution.

At this year’s New York Comic Con panel for the show, and they had much to say about this season, following a sneak peak at the seasom premiere.

When asked about something that was teased in the previosuly released trailer for season 4 – specifically if whether the finding of a skull with silver fillinga in its teeth, a te honology that won’t be invented for several years, means that Jamie and Claire will meet other time travelers, executive producer Ronald Moore confirmed this to be true.

But more so than the nightmares between the Native Americans and the British that our leads could run into, the overall theme of this show has always been love and family. Actor Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) could speak to this more than most when it comes to these characters. “They’ve been through a lot. Many experiences and I think their relationshp has evolved. At the core of it is this great love and understanding. They’re soulmates but they’ve been fighting to be together, and finally this season they are allowed to be briefly together for a period of time and it’s what they’ve always wanted. And find a home.”

Briefly? Say it isn’t so. Does this mean that our lovebirds will be torn apart again? Will the loss of our favourite English villain Captain Jack Randall lead the way for another antagonist of standard? Newcomers Ed Speelers (Eragon, Downton Abbey), and Maria Doyle Kennedy (The Tudors, Orphan Black, Sing Street) round out some of our ensemble cast for this coming season. Could our villain hide amongst them?

More questions will be asked and perhaps some answered tonight. Outlander Season 4 aires at 8pm on Starz.

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