PG-13 DEADPOOL 2’s Title Is…

…Once Upon a Deadpool.

The fairy tale-esque title should come as no surprise considering pics were leaked of Fred Savage reprising his The Princess Bride role with Deadpool in the place of Peter Falk. For those unfamiliar with that film, Savage plays a sick child who has a fairy tale read to him by his grandfather (Falk). The story the grandfather reads becomes the main body of the 1987 film.

The film will only be in theaters for a limited release, from December 12 to Christmas Eve. One dollar of every ticket will go to the charity Fuck Cancer, which will rename itself “Fudge Cancer” for the length of the film’s release.

The film will be a recut of May’s Deadpool 2 to remove enough crude language and violence to make it under a PG-13 rating. A new framing sequence was filmed with Ryan Reynolds and Savage.

This experiment is fascinating. Deadpool was long though of being one of the few characters that could only be adapted to the big screen with an R-Rating. It will be interesting to see if the concept loses anything being presented in a more kid friendly format.

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