UPDATE: BREAKING BAD Film Will Be A TV Movie, Will Star Aaron Paul

The clues were all there. All we had to do was look at them.

Several hours ago, we wrote about the forthcoming Breaking Bad film, focused on a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom. We now know, courtesy of /Film, that man is Jesse Pinkman, as played by Aaron Paul, and that the film will be a direct sequel to the finale of the TV series.

If you are still making your way through the series on DVD, Blu-Ray of streaming, let me throw this up for you:

Okay. So, if you watched the last episode of Breaking Bad, you should know that Jesse Pinkman was captured by neo-Nazi’s and forced to make meth for them. Walter White (Bryan Cranston) returned to Albuquerque, attacked the neo-Nazis, and freed Jesse. Jesse drove off into the night to greet his ambiguous future.

Fans wanted to know what happened to Jesse afterwards and this film is a way for Vince Gilligan to show the rest of Jesse’s story.

The film is being made by Gilligan through his deal with Sony Television, which means most likely the film will be a TV film, not a motion picture release. Paul is set to return as Jesse.

No word on any other cast or plot points yet, but I’m sure more will be revealed as time goes on.

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