EMPIRE Shows Us David Harbour’s HELLBOY In Action (Sorta)

If you are a Hellbo fan, you are probably itching to see anything from Neil Marshall’s reboot of the character. Well, this certainly qualifies as “anything.”

The January 2019 issue of Britain’s Empire Magazine, will be doing a story on the film, and has released an image from the film. As preview images go, it is kind of lackluster. I mean, all it is is a battle scarred Hellboy walking down an grim, industrial hallway. But if you had any doubts that David Harbour could step into Ron Perlman’s shoes in the role, the image, seen below, should put some of those fears to rest.

The snippet of the article released on line quotes director Neil Marshal as going back to the original Mike Mignola comic book for inspiration, an action promises that this version will be a hard R-rated film that doesn’t skimp on the gore and violence.

It was always a case of, ‘When in doubt, go back to the source material.’ Some of the stuff is pretty sick. More violent and more bloody. We weren’t making it with handcuffs on.

The issue of Empire goes on sale on November 29th, Hellboy is scheduled to arrive in theaters on April 12, 2019.


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