THE GOOD PLACE Renewed For A Fourth Forking Season

The Good Place, quite possibly the best sitcom on television at the moment, has been renewed for a fourth season by NBC.

Deadline is reporting that the size of the renewal has not yet been determined, but considering that show creator Mike Schur has kept all three previous seasons to a tightly plotted thirteen episodes, there doesn’t seem to be a reason to believe that this fourth season will be any different.

The series stars Kristen Bell as Elanor, a woman who dies and wakes up to find herself in “The Good Place,” although it becomes readily apparent that there has been some sort of bureaucratic screw up and she definitely belongs in “The Bad Place.” Confiding in her new found friend Chidi (William Jackson Harper), an ethics professor, Elanor struggles to become a better person to earn her a pot in the Good Place before she is found out and booted to the Bad Place.

Schur and his writers have filled the series not only with interesting and engaging ethical and philosophical issues, they have made these dilemmas absolutely hilarious. Additionally, they have managed to reinvent the show pretty much at a constant rate as the series has continued, finding and exploring new twists and complications in the show’s premise. With season three down to just a couple of episodes left in its run, fans can expect something big leading up to whatever cliffhanger will leave us waiting for the newly ordered fourth season.

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