CW Reveals DC Crossover Event For Next Year And It’s An Iconic DC Comics Story

The final episode of the three-part crossover event Elseworlds – which saw the DC superheroes of three of the CW’s series team-up to fight a reality-altering menace – has barely finished airing but anticipation for next year’s crossover event is already building. Not just because this year’s event featured probably some of the best writing and chemistry between the leads of Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl that the occasional team-ups between the three shows has produced so far. It was for the last moments of the episode, which teased next year’s crossover event, based on one of the most iconic stories in the DC Comics canon – Crisis On Infinite Earths!

The reveal came right at the end of the episode, after the Flash (Grant Gustin), the Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) and Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) had stopped the reality altering machinations of Dr. John Deegan (Jeremy Davies) and have tossed him into Arkham Ayslum. While Barry/the Flash and Oliver/Green Arrow were having their customary post-crossover adventure beer, Oliver got a call from the newly revealed Batwoman (Ruby Rose) that Deegan had found a new friend in Arkham. We then cut to the interior of the Asylum to see Deegan in his cell and in the cell next to him, a man in a featureless gold mask that comics fans will recognize as the Psycho Pirate. Psycho Pirate was chanting “Worlds will live! Worlds will die!” a key line of dialogue the character had in the classic 1985 comic book 12 issue maxi-series.

As of now, there’s no further information about what could be in store for next year. No doubt the shows’ executive producer Greg Berlanti will show up somewhere in the next day or two with a few hints and some clarifications.

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