Simon Pegg has become a familiar face to genre fans having appeared in a different franchises from Doctor Who to Star Wars to Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One. Most recently he has been doing double duty, appearing in the last four installments of the Mission: Impossible series as tech expert Benji Dunn while also jumping forward to the 23rd century to play Chief Engineer Montgomery “Scotty” Scott in the rebooted Star Trek film series.

At a pair of red carpet events at the Tribeca Film Festival this past weekend, Pegg spoke to what is in store for him in terms of his commitments to both the Mission: Impossible and Star Trek franchises.

Pegg confirmed reports that the next two Mission:Impossible films will be shot back to back, as well as confirming when that will happen.

Next year, I think. I belong to the IMF for the entirety of 2020 by the sounds of it. We shall see.

As for his other fan favorite franchise, Star Trek, Pegg did not foresee a return to the USS Enterprise anytime soon, but he remained optimistic that he could do so at some point in the future.

Not any time soon, but I am never going to say never in terms of the Kelvin timeline. You know, I think that you’ll definitely hear more from that. Whether or not it is a reunion of the original Star Trek crew, I don’t know. I’m hoping that will happen. It’s just been delayed.

It had been previously reported that Star Trek star Chris Pine had walked away from doing a fourth film due to being asked to take a pay cut following the poor box office performance of 2016’s Star Trek Beyond.

-Additional reporting by Natasha Bogutzki

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