“Batman” Comics Writer Tom King To Co-Script Ava DuVernay’ NEW GODS Screenplay

Eisner Award-Winning comic book writer Tom King will be sharing screenwriting duties on the upcoming comic book adaptation The New Gods, with the film’s director Ava DuVernay.

DuVernay was tapped by Warners to helm the project in March 2018, but since then there has been little news on the film.

The New Gods were created by the prolific comic book writer/artist Jack Kirby. After a Ragnarok-like event killed off a group of powerful god-like beings known as the Old Gods, two new groups, moral opposites, sprang up in their place. The evil ones are ruled by Darkseid on the planet Apokolips, while the kindly, good New Gods are ruled by one known as the High Father.

This will not be the first time that King will be telling a story about these characters. Last year he wrote the short-lived series Mister Miracle, which featured one of the New Gods, Scott Free, who had the ability to escape from any type of confinement.

King is perhaps noted for a popular run on the flagship Batman title for DC Comics, which came to an aprupt end earlier this week, with the announcement that he was leaving the book some fifteen months before he was expected. The following day it was revealed that he would be concluding the storylines he had been telling in a new book that would co-star Batman and his sometime nemesis/sometime love interest Catwoman.

Via IndieWire.

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