Brandon Routh To Play Superman In CW’s Arrowverse Crossover CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS

Brandon Routh may already play one superhero in the CW’s Arrowverse group of DC Comics-based television series, but he is about to portray another. Or rather, reprise his portrayal of another.

Deadline is reporting that the actor who plays Ray Palmer, aka The Atom, on Legends Of Tomorrow, will also be playing Superman in Crisis On Infinite Earths, this year’s big five-part Arrowverse crossover event.

Currently, the Arrowverse shows have one Superman, played by Tyler Hoechlin over on Supergirl. Routh’s Superman is being from a “different time frame,” but I suspect that since they don’t speak geek very well at Deadline, they mean that Routh’s Superman will be from a parallel Earth.

Routh originally played Superman in the 2006 Bryan Singer film Superman Returns.

Of course, this is not the first time that we will see multiple versions of a hero in the Arrowverse. Over on The Flash, there have already been a couple different versions of the scarlet speedster from parallel Earths who have dropped by. In last year’s Elseworlds crossover, which served as a set-up for Crisis On Infinite Earths, we saw one of those alternate Flash’s was the one from the 1990 Flash TV series as portrayed by John Wesley Shipp. For Routh to slip Superman’s red cape back on does not seem too much of a stretch.

Crisis On Infinite Earths will air in three parts this December with a final two installments airing in January.

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