NYCC 2019: Carrie-Anne Moss “Excited” For MATRIX 4

We all know that Carrie-Anne Moss can’t really talk about the upcoming The Matrix 4, the sequel to the hit science-fiction trilogy which was announced this past August.

The film was being developed in secrecy and the announcement of it was a surprise that caught fans off guard. Franchise star Keanu Reeves has already given a vague but enthusiastic response to the press about the new installment that gave away no clues about what might be in store in the upcoming film.

When asked about The Matrix 4 while doing press for her up coming appearance in the second season of the CBS All-Access series Tell Me A Story at New York Comic Con, Moss stated “I’m keeping that really close to my heart,” before echoing the words that her co-star Reeves gave to the press recently when asked about the script. “Amazing, it’s amazing. I’m excited.”

Moss went on to elaborate, “Believe me, I would like to do nothing but talk about it. But at the same time, there’s a time for that and I want to give it all the respect and room it needs, you know what I mean?”

Needless to say, secrecy surrounding The Matrix 4 is high, so much so that Moss declined to even say when she is reporting to set. Industry reports have given February of next year as the film’s production start.

The original Matrix film was released in 1999 with its two sequels – The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions – coming six months apart from each other in 2003. The series, which blended philosophy, elements from cyberpunk literature and Hong Kong action and wuxia films brought in a combined total of $1.6 billion at the worldwide box office and influenced countless genre films going forward.

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