CC@H 2020: ARCHER Cast Drop First Season 11 Trailer

Archer is back and we really mean it.

For the past three season of the animated spy comedy, superspy Sterling Archer has been in a coma, dreaming of living different lives in noir-ish detective mysteries, on a dangerous South Seas island and in deep space in the far future. But in the final moments of last season, Archer finally woke from his coma to find himself back in his real world. And how he is going to readjust to that will be the thrust of the show’s upcoming eleventh season.

That’s the word out of the Archer Comic-Con@Home today as executive producer Casey Willis was joined by voice castmembers Aisha Tyler, Chris Parnell, Judy Greer, Amber Nash, and Lucky Yates.

(Stars H Jon Benjamin and Jessica Walters were not in attendance. Willis was not sure where Benjamin was while the cast speculated that Walters was backpacking in the deep woods, perhaps filming the next season of the reality survival series Naked And Afraid. “She just rides out of the jungle riding a puma and holding a torch,” quipped Taylor.)

The panel started off with the premier of the new season’s trailer, below, and some spirited chat about life-during-coronavirus before settling down to discuss the new season which premiers on FXX on September 16.

For the cast, returning to their core characters after three seasons of playing distaff variations of them was an exciting prospect.

“I loved being in space and I loved being on the island and I thought it was super fun,” explained Nash. “But there was something exciting about getting back to the real world with everybody. It felt like going home. It was funny and super fun to see what everybody has been up to.”

Willis was excited to reveal that they had a number of guest stars for the upcoming season.

“I can’t talk about all of them,” he stated, “but one that I can reveal is, and we’re very excited – Simon Pegg is going to be on this season.”

Seeing as they record their lines separately, it was a revelation that surprised the cast.

Tyler exclaimed, “I’m just excited because if I see him on the street, I can go ‘Hey Simon, you’re on my show!’ and he go ‘Stop touching me, I don’t know who you are!'”

The other guest star that Willis revealed came to the show courtesy of one of the regular cast.

“The other person that I want to talk about as a reoccurring guest star came to us via miss Judy Greer,” Willis stated. “It’s Jamie Lee Curtis.”

Greer explained, “When we first showed up to do rehearsals [for 2018’s Halloween] in Charleston where we shot the movie I introduced myself to her, and she just went right in for Archer. Archer, Archer, Archer, Archer. So much so, that I think that might be why I got the job because she’s an executive producer on the movie. She and her son bound over Archer, they watch it all the time. It is his favorite show and she loves it. I said ‘Jamie, like 100% I could get you on the show.'”

“I am always surprised when reputable people like our show,” Amber Nash added, with a laugh.

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