STAR WARS: AHOSKA Adds Eman Esfandi As Ezra Bridger

Ahsoka Eman Esfandi
Image via LucasFilm/Double R Productions.

Eman Esfandi is heading to the Star Wars galaxy to portray one of the franchise’s more popular characters from its animated stories. The actor will be bringing the character of Ezra Bridger, from the animated series Star Wars: Rebels, to life in the upcoming Star Wars: Ahsoka series for Disney+.

The new series will follow the adventures of former Jedi padawan Ahsoka Tano, who fans were first introduced to the Star Wars: Clone Wars series as a student of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. Ahsolka also appeared in later seasons of Rebels, were she first crossed paths with Ezra. Ahsoka has already appeared in live action Star Wars content, popping up in both the Mandalorean and The Book Of Boba Fett series on Disney+.

The characters of both Ezra Miller and Ahsoka Tano were created by Dave Filoni who is also serving as the creator and executive producer of the Ahsoka series.

Ezra’s character arc was one of the main storydrivers of the Rebels series. Orphaned by the Empire, he is a street urchin who falls in with a small group of Rebels just as the Rebellion against the Galactic Empire is forming. The leader of the is group, Kanan Jarrus, is a former Jedi padawan who begins to train Ezra in the ways of the Force after he shows a certain aptitude for it. The series ended with him disappearing off into unknown regions of space aboard an out of control Star Destroyer accompanied by an Imperial admiral, sacrificing himself in order to save his friends.

And that is why I am a little leery about about the inclusion of the character of Ezra in Ashoka to begin with. The fate we saw him meet was a very satisfactory ending to his character arc as it ran over the course of Rebels. His disappearance puts him into the stuff of legends in the Star Wars galaxy, helping to build the story of the Jedi Knights. And from a practical standpoint, it removed a character of Jedi-level power off the board just in time for the original Star Wars trilogy to play out. With Ahsoka taking place between the Original and Sequel Trilogies will the character ultimately have to face a similar removal from active participation in the galaxy’s ongoing struggles at some point?

Ahsoka is scheduled to roll out on Disney+ some time next year.

Star Wars Rebels Ezra Ahsoka
image via Lucasfilm.
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