Toho Announces New GODZILLA Film Dated For November 2023

Image via Toho.

Godzilla will be raiding again!

Toho, the Japanese studio that has been the home for the iconic giant monster character for seven decades, announced today that they are planning on having a new Godzilla film ready for release one year from today, November 3, 2023. That release date will coincide with the anniversary of the original Godzilla film’s release in Japan in 1954.

The studio made the announcement as part of their “Godzilla Day” celebration and via twitter.

Lupin III: The First director Takashi Yamazaki will be behind the camera for this new, as yet untitled film.

This new Godzilla installment will be the thirtieth from the studio, a total that does not include the four appearances the giant monster made in Legendary’s MonsterVerse franchise and the the 1998 Tritar film. The most recent Godzilla film from Toho was 2016’s Shin Godzilla. Legendary does currently have another MonsterVerse installment in development which will feature Godzilla.

Additionally, Toho released a new Godzilla short film, Godzilla Vs Gigan Rex, which sees the Big G facing off multiple versions of the monster he first faced off against in 1972 in Godzilla Vs Gigan.

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