…. And We’re Back!

January 3, 2008

Sorry for the silence over the past couple of days, but things behind the scenes here have been even a tad crazier than usual. While everybody else was whopping it up on New Year’s Eve, [click for more]

FilmBuff Goes To Philadelphia

April 12, 2007

Regular updates have slowed down a bit as I have been at the Philadelphia Film Festival for the past week. Look for coverage with numerous film reviews in the next few days.

Pop Culture Intersections

February 25, 2007

They may call it a comic book convention, but that is really an understatement. This year’s New York ComicCon (NYCC), which is concluding today, is just one of the numerous major similar events held around [click for more]

Entertainment Weekly, You Are Dead To Me

June 19, 2006

Dean Wormer?- Dead! Neidermeyer?- Dead! Entertainment Weekly?- Dead! Dead to me at least. So glossy press release reprint source Entertainment Weekly has published a list of their 25 favorite online entertainment sites. And in between [click for more]

Blogs And Blobs

May 31, 2006

So… This is that “Blog” thing all the kids are talking about… Hello and welcome to the Editor’s Blog here at FilmBuffOnLine. My name is Rich and I’m your host. Those who know have heard [click for more]