I know what you’re probably thinking.

Does the internet really need yet another movie website?

I understand. I had the same thought when first developing the idea for FilmBuffOnLine.com. But what we’re planning on doing here will hopefully be something new and different than the usual internet movie site. There’s plenty of movie sites that deal with current films, rumors sites rife with spoilers for upcoming blockbusters. There’s nothing wrong with that. I enjoy many of them and have even been an occasional contributor to one site in particular.

But what we’re doing is taking a more magazine-style approach with this site. Here, instead of the latest gossip and rumor about upcoming movies, you’ll find articles that cover the entire range of film history from the early days of the Silents to today’s new releases and everything in-between.

Are you a fan of westerns, cartoon shorts, Hong Kong action films, musicals, noir, blockbusters, Saturday matinee serials, Bollywood spectacular, b-films, thrillers or romantic comedies? Are you the kind of film buff who sits around diners at night arguing with your friends which was the better Daffy Duck- the early, zany Daffy or the later, vain and egotistical Daffy? Are you the type to endlessly debate who was the better James Bond, Philip Marlowe or Tarzan? Well you’re in luck because so are we.

Needless to say, as is usual with these sorts of endeavors, there are some people who need to be thanked. (Feel free to skip over this part if you don’t think your name is here.) First and foremost are my parents, who indulged my love of movies in a house full of athletes. I also have to thank my group of friends from high school (Frank, Dave, Jonathan and Franz), college (Eric, Damon, Cori, Tanya and Tim) and beyond (Rich Z, Misty, Vicki, Michelle, Tom, Renee, Bobb, Joanne and especially John) for sharing so many movie going experiences.

I also need to acknowledge Brandon for hipping me to Bogart, The Thin Man series and noir in college, Joe B for the many opportunities that helped me grow as a writer, Lynn, Alan and Josephine for encouragement along the way, Jim and Tom for answering all of the stupid technical questions I had and Harry and Drew for blazing the internet trail.

A big debt of gratitude goes out to radio host Steve “Mr. Movie” Friedman whose weekend movie call-in show out of Philadelphia has served as the best film class one can find.

Special thanks goes to Paula who has allowed me to drag her off to a multitude of films without complaint (Well, OK, one complaint) and for helping with the look of the site. Anything that looks good is her work, everything else is mine. And double special thanks to Charlotte for letting me tag along to see all those kids’ movies.

I also want to thank you for stopping by and checking out the site. I hope that you enjoy it and make us a regular part of your web surfing routine. We’re planning on updating our articles and reviews as often as possible. We have several exciting features that we plan on unveiling in the upcoming months so stop back often.

So you like movies?

Then I think you’re going to like it here.

Rich Drees, Editor/Publisher

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A film fan since he first saw that Rebel Blockade Runner fleeing the massive Imperial Star Destroyer at the tender age of 8 and a veteran freelance journalist with twenty years experience writing about film and pop culture. He is a member of the Philadelphia Film Critics Circle.
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