Over at his blog Cartoon Brew, animation historian Jerry Beck has a few corrections to the information (including ours) currently circulating about the upcoming Looney Tunes Golden Collection, Volume 5.

Disc 1 will include over a dozen primetime television commercials which ran on ABC’s primetime The Bugs Bunny Show in the early 60s featuring Bugs hawking various products from sponsor General Mills such as Tang and Post Cereals.

The Snafu and Hook cartoons that have been listed as a special feature of Disc 2 will actually appear n Disc 3, with the exception of “Take Head Mr. Tojo” and “Gas,” which won’t be in the set at all.

Several of the cartoons will have their original title cards restored, removing the more generic ones used for theatrical reissue or television syndication.

Beck also includes a screen shot comparison of the restoration work done on the Daffy Duck short “A Pest In The House.”

Beck further stated that there are yet more features which haven’t been announced yet.

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