Fritz Lang’s 1927 gotchic science-fiction classic Metropolis has influenced numerous other films that have followed in the eight decades since its premier. Everything from James Whale’s original Frankenstein (1931) to the futuristic noir Blade Runner (1982) and beyond owe a debt to some aspect of the film, be it production design, story or themes. It has also inpired a Japanese comic series, which was later turned into an animated feature, and a stage musical.

However, in all this time, no one has attempted a direct remake of the film until now. According to Variety, Alexander producer Thomas Schuehly has aquired the remake rights to Metropolis and is already working with producer Mario Kassar in finding a director for the project.

Schuehly feels that the future world depicted in Lang’s film still resonates with present times.

With the overwhelming role technology plays in our daily lives, the growing gap between rich and poor, including the gradual elimination of the middle class, the story of Metropolis is a frightening reflection of our society that takes place in an all too possible not too distant future.

Strong words, and it certainly sounds like Schuehly plans on sticking with the film’s themes. However, there is always the possibiblity that the remake’s development process may wind up turning it into yet another souless action picture.

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