Want To See Some COX? DEWEY COX That Is…

Last week we told you about how John C. Reilly, the star of the music legend bio-pic parody Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, was heading out on a seven city promotional concert tour performing as his character. Unfortunately, the shows sold out almost immediately after they were announced.

However, there’s still a chance for you to see Reilly as the rock and roll pioneer Cox before the film hits theaters on December 21. The folks over at Rotten Tomatoes are hosting a sneak preview of the film’s first ten minutes. and they look pretty good.

There’s been a rather disappointing trend in parody films to merely ape the visual look of a film or genre of films and then throw in some rather broad slapstick and grossout humor. Not much thought, if any, goes into really exploring the comic potential of the scenarios they are poking fun at. Yes, Scary Movie, Date Movie, Epic Movie, etc., I’m looking at you.

Walk Hard, however, seems to be going in a different direction, if the preview offered at Rotten Tomatoes is any indication. Sure the story looks to be influenced by Johnny Cash bio-pic Walk The Line and a bit of the Ray Charles bio-pic Ray, it in no way seems to be beholden to mimicing those films directly, but only uses them as a starting point for whatever story of its own it plans on telling.

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