New Bond Film Gets A Title?

Although the next film in the long running James Bond franchise has been progressing through pre-production with the simple working title of Bond22, it seems that numbers may just play a part in the film’s as-yet-officially-unrevealed title. AintItCoolNews has posted the following report from a British reporter who caught an interview with current Bond, Daniel Craig, on a British morning chat show.

I was watching Daniel Craig on the This Morning interview discussing The Golden Compass.
Well, he was asked about Bond 22 and he might have blew the cover and revealed the title for it.
Paraphrasing: “It’s more of a number. Because the first movie dealt with him earning his 00 status and now he is 007 for the first time”.
He was asked if 007 is actually the title, but said he might have said too much.

If there is some truth to this rumor, it will probably come as a surprise to the film’s screenwriter Paul Haggis. According to an interview in Britain’s The Guardian earlier this week, the scripter has problems with titles.

Even if the strike ends and Haggis returns to Bond 22, his contribution is unlikely to include advice on the title. He admits to never knowing what to call his scripts and when writing Crash, only used it as a working title, assuming it would be changed. The director David Cronenberg, maker of a 1996 movie of the same name, is still, he acknowledges, “quite upset with me”.

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