While 2004’s Hulk film from director Ang Lee wasn’t well received by comic book fans or the general moviegoing public, the studio thought that there was still something to the concept of adapting Marvel Comics’ Jekyll and Hyde-inspired superhero to try again, with the upcoming Incredible Hulk.

This time, Ed Norton will be taking over the role of the ill-fated Bruce Banner, the scientist who, after being exposed to an overdose of Gamma radiation finds that his hair doesn’t fall out and he contracts cancer, but instead has the ability to change into a large, green-skinned, brutish man monster. Looking on the ability as a curse rather than a fun way to throw cars and tanks around, Banner searches for a cure while being pursued by the military.

The new film is due this coming summer and Universal has now released the first two pictures from the film, both showing Norton’s Banner on the trail for a cure for his condition.

Is it just me, or does the contraption that Banner is seated in in the first photo look awfully similar to one that Bill Bixby used in the pilot episode for the 1970s television adaptation of the character?

Via MTV Movies Blog.

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