New Releases: August 13

1. Tropic Thunder (3,000+ Theaters, 107 Minutes, Rated R): The latest saying in Hollywood is that Wednesday is the new Friday. It once was only around holiday weekends that films were released on Wednesday. Now, even in late August at a time devoid of any holiday whatsoever, studios are trying to get a jump on the weekend. I for one, don’t like it.  It means more work for me.

I’m sure you’ve read about the controversy over this film. Where mental disability groups have protested the films rather liberal use of an epithet that is offensive to people with mental disabilities.

Deep down, I don’t believe Ben Stiller, producer/co-writer/director of the film, is really all that upset about the protest. He wants Tropic Thunder to be shocking. I mean, he has a white actor in a hi-tech version of black face in his film, do you think he really cares about offending people?

Pushing the boundaries of good taste and tact might make for some cheap publicity, but will it make the movie any good? I’m a fan of most of the people involved in the flick, so I’m optimistic. But some times pushing the envelope leaves quality behind.

The story is a satire on Hollywood as a bunch of actors are taken to a real war zone to add reality to a Vietnam War film they are making.


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