New Releases: August 27

1. Traitor (2,054 Theaters, 110 Minutes, Rated PG-13): Yet another Wednesday release. Do the producers of this drama really think that opening this film on Wednesday will garner that much more money? Comedies andhighly anticipated blockbusters I can see. Thought-filled, gut churning dramas? Not as much.

This film focuses on Samir Horn, a former US Special Operations officer. The FBI seem to think that he’s gone over to the other side and became a high ranking member of a terrorist organization. But could the truth be that he is simply under deep cover?

The undercover operative is usually a chestnut of gangster films like Donnie Brasco and The Departed. I wonder how audiences will relate to the story set in the world of post 9/11 global terrorism?

Also, fun IMDB fact, comedian Steve Martin apparently wrote the story for this film.


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