EW STAR TREK Story Goes Online, Plus Trailer News

The past 24 hours have been a good time to be a Star Trek fan, as news about the upcoming new film version of the classic science-fiction franchise has been hitting fast and furious. Yesterday afternoon, the first pictureof the film’s stars Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto in costume as Captain James T. Kirk and his first officer Spock hit in the form of the cover to next week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly. Almost immediately, Paramount released six more photos from the film to various Internet outlets showcasing the rest of the cast.

Just a little while ago, the feature article for next week’s Entertainment Weekly showcasing the film has appeared on the magazine’s website. The piece does contain some spoilers, mostly on page 4, and is illustrated with mostly the same pictures that surfaced yesterday. There is one new shot of the USS Kelvin, a starship that the article states figures in the film’s opening moments.

If anyone had any qualms as to how director J. J. Abrams was going to handle the material, I think the article will pretty much dispel them. He sounds as if he is taking his cues from the original 1960s television series that launched the iconic franchise-

I think a movie that shows people of various races working together and surviving hundreds of years from now is not a bad message to put out right now. In a world where a movie as incredibly produced as The Dark Knight is raking in gazillions of dollars, Star Trek stands in stark contrast. It was important to me that optimism be cool again.

The article also mentions that the trailer for the film, which is due out next May, is set to be attached in front of the new James Bond adventure Quantum Of Solace, opening November 14.

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