Seth Gordon Working On SUICIDE SQUAD

Seth Gordon, the director behind the really fun documentary The King Of Kong: A Fistful Of Quarters, has signed to helm the feature Suicide Squad for Working Title Films Universal Studios.

The film, from screenwriter Chris Johnson, will tell the story of a recently paroled con man who recruits a crew of amateur henchmen to help pull a heist at the Kentucky Derby. Most recently, screenwriting siblings Matt and Billy Eddy have turned in a draft of the script.

The film marks the fourth fiction feature that the director has signed for following the critical success of his video game documentary The King Of Kong. His first feature, Four Christmases, is due in theaters next Wednesday. Gordon is also attached to The Only Living Boy In New York for Sony and is developing a fictionalized version of King Of Kong at New Line.

Gordon hasn’t completely abandoned the documentary genre as he will be contributing a segment to the upcoming multi-director documentary Freakanomics.

Via The Hollywood Reporter.

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